Why Tirones?

Have you ever had an idea you wanted to share with colleagues but didn’t have any contacts? Ever needed a new idea for a lesson but had no way to reach out to anyone? Ever just wanted to find others to talk to about the challenges of teaching Latin? Well, now you can!

Tirones is a collaborative project of the Committee for the Promotion of Latin, theNational Committee for Latin and Greek, and the Joint National Committee on Classics in American Education, with support from the Technology Committee of the American Classical League. This site is dedicated to helping new teachers get the support they need.

What were tirones? Tirones were new recruits for joining the Roman military. It usually took about 6 months of training to be fully enlisted as a miles. So it is entering into the field of classical education!

This site grew out of the need to help new teachers become better informed about the various resources that are available to them as they start their new endeavors. Make no mistake, becoming a Latin teacher is a fulfilling opportunity, but it also requires dedication – and a sense of humor. You may be an expert in your subject matter, but you also need to learn how to handle the logistics of teaching and helping guide your students to not only learn Latin, but to enjoy learning about classical antiquity along the way to what we all hope is a life-long passion.

Think of this site as a beacon or a guide to turn to when you may find yourself in search of a solution. There are many other teachers out there with a wide range of experience – you are not alone, but a part of a legacy and a tradition. Welcome to the NCLG’s Tirones website.