Have you been to Venice? Please post a comment on this Gigapan.

Remember the GIGAPAN of the Roman Forum that was on display at ACL two years ago?
The Latin community made some great posts on that image and now some of my friends in the GigaPan community asked if I could spread the word and invite you to make some comments on this Gigapan of Venice at  http://gigapan.com/gigapans/51175  which will be featured in the next issue of GigPan Magazine. The theme is Main Streets.
The premise of GigaPan Magazine is to showcase meaningful uses of the functionalities GigaPan.com offers.
Or to quote from the magazine site: “Gigapan Magazine sets out to explore the ways images on GigaPan.com can deliver information, convey messages, tell stories, express emotions and otherwise carry meaning.”
Please explore this GIgaPan image and post a comment or two about some detail(s) in the image.
This link has simple instructions on how to make a snapshot, and may be helpful as you approach people new to GigaPan: bit.ly/snapan
I appreciate your help.  
Remember you can search the GigaPan site and use these beautiful images in your classroom for cross curricular activities.The site itself is a great resource for teachers in any discipline.
Spread the word.  THANKS.


John Ricard is presenting in Pittsburgh. PA at TRETC

John Ricard is presenting a session on Social Networking at TRETC – a technology conference in SW Pennsylvania today – 11/14/2012.


Salvete, omnes!

Welcome to Tirones: Resources for new Latin Teachers.

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Please invite your friends and colleagues, especially new teachers who are looking for resources and for a forum where they can raise questions.

Please contribute your own resources, as well as your responses to the questions that arise.

Help strengthen the bonds of amicitia that include us all!