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John has been teaching Latin at the secondary level since 2007. Starting the Latin program at Somerset Academy in 2009, he has now moved on to another home founding the Latin program at the Pine Crest School. He has taught all levels of Latin from Middle School courses to AP Latin using a wide-range of approaches.

John also is the Social Sciences and Humanities Department Chair at Pine Crest and currently teaches AP Art History and has served as a reader for 3 years now. He also has taught AP European History and AP World History, among many other social sciences courses. He is also the founder of,, and

Tirones Has a New Look!

Tirones Has a New Look!

We’ve been working on things a bit here at the NCLG’s Tirones website. We want to create a site that is easy to navigate and find information for new Latin teachers – and here is what we’ve done!

We’ve given the site an entirely new look – more modern, clean, and simple yet with a touch of elegance! You have the banner area with the navigation menu below to find your way through the various pages on our site. Below that are three boxes that lead directly to important pages that we think you should take notice of. We have some information about the NCLG, then a page about our mission here at Tirones, and the box on the right is our discussion group on Romae’s Amicitia social network. Head on over there to ask questions and post comments about your experiences.

Below these three boxes are various posts and updates we are publishing to the Tirones site. You can subscribe by email if you’d like and all new articles will automatically push to your email inbox.

Stay tuned for more changes coming soon. We will be publishing tips for new teachers as well as various resources which can help teachers as we all move forward to deliver the best we have to offer to our students. Hope to see you around! Share your comments with us in the Amicitia group forum!

Salvete, omnes!

Welcome to Tirones: Resources for new Latin Teachers.

Tirones is a collaborative project of the Committee for the Promotion of Latin, the National Committee for Latin and Greek, and the Joint National Committee on Classics in American Education, with support from the Technology Committee of the American Classical League.

Please invite your friends and colleagues, especially new teachers who are looking for resources and for a forum where they can raise questions.

Please contribute your own resources, as well as your responses to the questions that arise.

Help strengthen the bonds of amicitia that include us all!