Recommend attire for the induction ceremony

Hey guys we recommend that guys wear a white down button shirt with black pants/slacks, while girls wear all white or black dresses. This is all so we look some what organized and well put together if you have any questions either contact an officer or leave a reply in the comments.

Our 2013-2014 NJCL Officers

During our meeting this Wednesday we elected our new officers, and they are:

  • Consul (President): Alexis Garcia
  • Aedile (Vice-President): Brandon Wollaston
  • Quaestor (Secretary): Tiffany Reyes
  • Nuntius (Liaison): Joshua Forrest
  • Historicus (Historian): Esteban Asencio

Congratulations to our new officers!

Orlando, Here We Come!

For the first time ever, Somerset Academy is sending the JCL to our state forum in Orlando!

The event takes place this Thursday through Saturday, and we will be there to see what the other clubs around the state are like. It’s our first rodeo, and we’re excited!

Stay tuned to Magister Ricard’s Twitter account for updates!

For more information, check out the FJCL website.