QUIZ Stage 6 Thursday 1/31

Remember to study for your quiz which is going to be on Thursday 1/31.

Since we have been looking at the Perfect and Imperfect forms of verbs in Stage 6, you need to be able to differentiate between those forms of verbs but also note what the singular and plural forms of Imperfect and Perfect verbs look like. This is what the quiz will be testing you for! Bonam fortunam!

Midterm Thursday 1/17!

Your midterm for the first semester will be on Thursday, 1/17! Make sure you are studying and preparing for success!

The format will be 45 multiple choice questions, all from Stage 5. So make sure you look over the work we did for Stage 5, in particular the vocabulary and the grammar. We learned the plural forms for verbs and also that there has to be an agreement between the subject (Nominative case) and the verb. Bonam Fortunam!

Reminder: Make Your Own Mola Game Board Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that for tomorrow’s class, we will be learning how to play an ancient Roman board game – Mola!

You will need 18 game pieces; one set of 9 for one team, and another set of 9 for the second team. You can use anything you want – glass beads, marbles, coins, buttons, whatever you can find. You just want each team’s game pieces to be uniform meaning the same color.

You will also need a game board surface to play the game on. You can use cardboard, or any flat surface you can find. Try looking for some old boxes – there are probably some around your house now.

Bring these materials and we will create our own Mola game boards tomorrow in class so you can share the fun with your family over holiday break as we celebrate Saturnalia!

QUIZ: Stage 5 on 12/18

On Tuesday, 12/18, we will be having our quiz for Stage 5. In this chapter, we focused on how the subject of a sentence must always agree with its verb. For example, a plural subject means the verb must also be plural, and if the subject is singular then the verb must also be singular. Study over Stage 5 and be ready for your quiz!