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TEST: Stage 7 Friday 3/15

Beware the Ides of March!

We will be having our final test of the 3rd quarter on this Friday – and it will test your understanding of the concepts we learned in Stage 7, namely the differences between Present, Imperfect, and Perfect tenses of verbs.

Look over your notes, work from Stage 7, and the crossword puzzle. There are 36 questions, all multiple choice. The first part will be a short paragraph in Latin, where you will have to answer questions. The second part will see if you can identify a description, written in Latin, of a character we have read about in our textbook. The third part will require you to identify whether a verb form is Present, Imperfect, of Perfect tense. Finally, part four will have you translate the underlined word.

TEST: Stage 6 2/19

Make sure you are looking over your work from Stage 6, reviewing the vocabulary and the difference between the Imperfect and Perfect tenses of verbs. Remember, if there is a -ba “trapped” within the verb, it is of the Imperfect tense and should be translated as “was/were -ing”.

If there is a VSUX in the verb, then you need to recognize it is of the Perfect tense and should be translated as “-ed” into English.

Start studying now!

Updated – the test is for 2/19!

Midterm Thursday 1/17!

Your midterm for the first semester will be on Thursday, 1/17! Make sure you are studying and preparing for success!

The format will be 45 multiple choice questions, all from Stage 5. So make sure you look over the work we did for Stage 5, in particular the vocabulary and the grammar. We learned the plural forms for verbs and also that there has to be an agreement between the subject (Nominative case) and the verb. Bonam Fortunam!