Homework: Pompeii Short Story due 5/22

After you all watched the film today, Pompeii: The Last Day, I want you all to write a short story that describes that YOU think happens to Caecilius, Metella, Quintus, Grumio, Clemens, and even Cerberus!

Use your imagination! Will they survive in your story? Or will they all perish! Maybe only one of them survives? Maybe that person is a distant relative of yours! Whatever you want to happen is up to you – just write at least 3 paragraphs describing what you think happens. Your short story is due on 5/22.

TEST: Stage 7 Friday 3/15

Beware the Ides of March!

We will be having our final test of the 3rd quarter on this Friday – and it will test your understanding of the concepts we learned in Stage 7, namely the differences between Present, Imperfect, and Perfect tenses of verbs.

Look over your notes, work from Stage 7, and the crossword puzzle. There are 36 questions, all multiple choice. The first part will be a short paragraph in Latin, where you will have to answer questions. The second part will see if you can identify a description, written in Latin, of a character we have read about in our textbook. The third part will require you to identify whether a verb form is Present, Imperfect, of Perfect tense. Finally, part four will have you translate the underlined word.

Save Latin at Somerset!

This is not a rumor – there is an attempt to “phase out” Latin at Somerset Academy.

In order to prevent this, we need your help. We need you to please write in “Latin I” in your subject selection form! Please show your support and let everyone know that you are PROUD to take Latin at Somerset Academy!

Also, share with others! Tell your friends to write in Latin I for their subject selection! You will be able to get high school credit while in Middle School! Tell your parents, too!

TEST: Stage 6 2/19

Make sure you are looking over your work from Stage 6, reviewing the vocabulary and the difference between the Imperfect and Perfect tenses of verbs. Remember, if there is a -ba “trapped” within the verb, it is of the Imperfect tense and should be translated as “was/were -ing”.

If there is a VSUX in the verb, then you need to recognize it is of the Perfect tense and should be translated as “-ed” into English.

Start studying now!

Updated – the test is for 2/19!