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Flash Cards Capitulum XV due Friday 2/1

Remember to start working on your flash cards for Capitulum XV – they are due on Friday, 2/1.

The purpose of the flash cards is to give your mind “mental anchors” to draw meaning from for these new words in Latin. You should never try to think of Latin words equating with English words, but instead think in Latin! To do this, give yourself mental images for your mind to form connections with. So, head on over to Quizlet and find our Capitulum XV set of flash cards and start crafting images for the vocabula nova that will help you retain meaning!

Homework: Enroll in Quizlet Group and Create Flash Cards for Cap XII

The other day we previewed Quizlet.com in class and looked at using it as a tool to review new vocabulary words. From this point on in the year, we are going to be creating flash cards for the vocabula nova for each Capitulum. We are going to start with Capitulum XII.

  1. First, make sure you have created a FREE account at Quizlet.com (use your Gmail account that you created at the start of the year to keep all of your academic information in one place)
  2. Next, make sure you have enrolled in our group, Latin 2 (you will need the password which requires that you remember how to CORRECTLY spell the name of the famous Roman general turned potential dictator that was assassinated in 44BC)
  3. Finally, add at least ONE CARD to the Capitulum XII set using a verbum from the vocabula nova of that capitulum and an image to associate with that word. You may also create a definition, but it must be in Latin!

Then try learning the new set of cards and see if you can get the highest score! Due 2/24.