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Quizlet.com Unleashed!

We tried out Quizlet.com today as a tool to make flash cards for the vocabula nova from each capitulum we have studied thus far. I found that it was easy to make cards if you decided to use images to help with the meanings. You could pull images from Flickr by doing a simple image search.

We created a group, Latin 2, and then added two sets of cards (I added a third set after school just to get the hang of it). Each term was given an image – some more memorable than others, right Thomas? – but you could create a definition using Latin if you wished.

What I found useful and fun where the games to help you test your mastery. Right now, Rodolfo has the best score of I think 7.4 seconds for one of the sets of cards – I just couldn’t beat him!

If you missed it, definitely head over to Quizlet.com and do a search for my username magisterricard and Latin 2 group. You will need permission, so contact me for the password or ask a friend from class!