Homework: Julius Caesar Discussion – Beware the Ides of March!

Due on Monday, 3/18, your homework tonight is to give me your opinion of what kind of intentions you think Julius Caesar had over the duration of his career. Was he out to promote himself and dominate Roman politics as a king? Or was he simply trying to reform the Republic?

Post your reaction in our Amicitia discussion group!

Homework 3rd Declension due 2/5

For tonight’s homework, don’t forget to review the 3rd declension noun forms and post THREE different declensions of nouns in our group discussion forum on the Amicitia. Also, make sure to take a minute and watch the review video posted there to help you.

And definitely don’t neglect your 3rd Declension Flow Chart as a way to help you remember how to decline nouns of the 3rd declension!

Flash Cards Capitulum XV due Friday 2/1

Remember to start working on your flash cards for Capitulum XV – they are due on Friday, 2/1.

The purpose of the flash cards is to give your mind “mental anchors” to draw meaning from for these new words in Latin. You should never try to think of Latin words equating with English words, but instead think in Latin! To do this, give yourself mental images for your mind to form connections with. So, head on over to Quizlet and find our Capitulum XV set of flash cards and start crafting images for the vocabula nova that will help you retain meaning!