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Seniors: FINAL on 5/17

It’s that time of year – graduation!

So, as a parting gift, I am going to exempt you from the test on Capitulum XVIII on Friday. Instead, you should focus on studying for your final, which is going to be given to you on that same day.

To prepare, look over the study guide I gave you. The questions on the study guide are what we cover for the Final. There are 50 questions, multiple choice, for your final. The final is focusing on capitula VIII to XV. Look over the exercitia from your workbook.

TEST: Capitulum XVIII 5/17

Today we will review Pensum A from Capitulum XVIII – this is the basis for your test on Friday, 5/17. This is the last test you will have for this quarter, so it is important that you pay extra attention and focus to it. Focus on the formation of adverbs from adjectives, and how we use the three degrees of adverbs (Positive, Comparative, Superlative).

Seniors – you will be exempt from this test (as a little parting gift!).

TEST: Retakes for Capitulum XVII due Friday 5/3

If you didn’t do so hot on your test for Capitulum XVII, which tested your ability to use the Passive voice in Latin, there is a chance for you to improve your grade. However, it is not without risk.

You must first redo Pensum A from Capitulum XVII. When you turn it in, and it MUST be complete by the time you walk into class on Friday, it will be graded by me. Whatever your score is becomes your test grade. Nota bene: if you do WORSE, that will be your grade!

So, if you feel comfortable with your test score, then you don’t need to reattempt it. If you feel like you can improve your test grade, take a shot at it and complete the assignment. But yes, it is a gamble! And I am not going to show you the mistakes you made on the test until Friday!

QUIZ Capitulum XIV Participles 1/24

Nota bene! You have a quiz on Participles on Thursday, 1/24. Make sure you study and begin looking things over now.

You will also have a quiz on the vocabulary from Capitulum XIV on 1/28, so look over the flashcards on Quizlet. This also means you will have a test on Capitulum XIV coming up on 1/31 – so once I give you your Pensum A back, make sure you look that over as well!

Midterm Wednesday January 16th!

Remember to study for your midterm which is on Wednesday January 16th. The format is 50 questions, multiple choice. We have a thread in our group forum to help everyone prepare with all of the specific workbook exercitia the test is drawing from. Bonam fortunam!