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QUIZ Capitulum XIV Participles 1/24

Nota bene! You have a quiz on Participles on Thursday, 1/24. Make sure you study and begin looking things over now.

You will also have a quiz on the vocabulary from Capitulum XIV on 1/28, so look over the flashcards on Quizlet. This also means you will have a test on Capitulum XIV coming up on 1/31 – so once I give you your Pensum A back, make sure you look that over as well!

QUIZ: 3rd Declension Nouns 12/7

Make sure you know how to decline nouns of the third declension – that is what our quiz will be assessing on Tuesday, 12/7. So know how to decline masculine and feminine nouns, and how to decline neuter nouns. It is hard to tell the difference in gender between 3rd declension nouns, but if you can formulate them into two camps (m/f or n) then you will have a better chance of learning those forms.