TEST: Retakes for Capitulum XVII due Friday 5/3

If you didn’t do so hot on your test for Capitulum XVII, which tested your ability to use the Passive voice in Latin, there is a chance for you to improve your grade. However, it is not without risk.

You must first redo Pensum A from Capitulum XVII. When you turn it in, and it MUST be complete by the time you walk into class on Friday, it will be graded by me. Whatever your score is becomes your test grade. Nota bene: if you do WORSE, that will be your grade!

So, if you feel comfortable with your test score, then you don’t need to reattempt it. If you feel like you can improve your test grade, take a shot at it and complete the assignment. But yes, it is a gamble! And I am not going to show you the mistakes you made on the test until Friday!

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