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Homework: Flashcards Capitululm VIII due 3/8

Make sure you are working on the flashcards for Capitulum VIII online. They are due by Friday, 3/8 and your grade will be based on how well your class performs. The total amount of images added for the total amount of terms in the set. Make sure you study over them – as we will be having a quiz coming up on those vocabulary words!

Homework: Complete Flash Cards for Capitulum VII

Make sure you add a flash card to the set for Capitulum VII an Quizlet.com. Remember, I am going to assign a grade to the entire class based on the total number of cards contributed vs. the amount of vocabula nova we have for that chapter. Everyone will be assigned this grade provided that they are eligible – to be eligible for this grade, you have to have “learned” the entire set at least once when we are done creating the set.

Homework: Review Quizlet Capitulum II by 3/9

For homework, I want you all to review the flash cards for Capitulum II in our group on Quizlet.com. Make sure that you use the “Learn” feature to get credit for the assignment. Once you are done reviewing, just check and make sure the system updated by saying that you completed the “Learn” mode (next to the flash cards).

If you signed up using some cryptic and confusing name, make sure you email me when you are done so I can give you credit otherwise I won’t know if you did the exercise.