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Homework: 3rd Declension Flow Chart due 4/30

For homework, you need to create a graphic organizer that will summarize the thinking process behind using 3rd declension nouns. Take a look at the flow chart process we reviewed in class:

Latin I_4.26.12_3rd Declension Flow Chart

Then, using that information, create your own flow chart. You can get creative – draw one yourself, or use Photoshop or other applications to create a graphic. Or, try using Bubbl.us to help you create a flow chart very easily – and you can use it for other classes, too!

Homework: Reading Comprehension Questions Capitulum X Due 4/27

Make sure you answer only ONE of the questions posted in our group forum by Friday, 4/27.

  • You need to also make sure you supply the question and the number you are answering in your response.
  • You cannot answer the same question that someone else has already answered otherwise you will not get credit.

Remember to look back in the text if you can’t immediately recall an answer!

Homework: Review Lectio II From Capitulum X

Make sure you are reviewing the readings we go over in class. It will help consolidate your knowledge of Latin. Also, think about questions to ask yourself while you are reading. Try to ask questions of yourself in Latin and try to answer them in Latin, as well. Recall the “quiz” we did today – could you answer questions that would require you to demonstrate comprehension of what was read?