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Midterm Next Week!

It’s that time of year again – the end of the 2nd quarter and also the end of the 1st semester!

Your midterm will be next week (1st period is on 1/14 from 8:10-10:10; 2nd period is on 1/15 from 8:10-10:10)! So get studying now!

The format is 50 questions, all multiple choice. The questions are all derived from the various exercitia that we have been working on in our workbooks from Capitululm I up to Capitulum V. I will detail which exercitia specifically in our group forum in the Amicita – so join us there to help study for your upcoming exam!

Bonam fortunam!

TEST Wednesday 12/14 Capitulum V

Remember that there will be a test on Capitulum V on Wednesday, 12/14 on the concepts we learned from that capitulum. Make sure you look over the workbook exercises from that section as that will be the source for the multiple choice questions for that test.

Also, don’t forget to participate in our online study session, which is found in our group forum – it counts towards a homework grade, too!

Villa Tua Project Rubric

Your project is to create a replica of a Roman villa – either digitally or via a physical model!

The project is due on November 16th and we will start presenting then. Your project will be worth a test grade and to ensure that you do well, follow this rubric when creating your work: