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Midterm Next Week!

It’s that time of year again – the end of the 2nd quarter and also the end of the 1st semester!

Your midterm will be next week (1st period is on 1/14 from 8:10-10:10; 2nd period is on 1/15 from 8:10-10:10)! So get studying now!

The format is 50 questions, all multiple choice. The questions are all derived from the various exercitia that we have been working on in our workbooks from Capitululm I up to Capitulum V. I will detail which exercitia specifically in our group forum in the Amicita – so join us there to help study for your upcoming exam!

Bonam fortunam!

TEST: Capitulum IV on 12/17

Let the studying begin! Work hard now and we party next week for Saturnalia!

Your test for Capitulum IV will be multiple choice and will be given on Monday (dies Lunae) 12/17! For more information on the test format, and to get some help online, visit our group forum and look for the Review Capitulum IV Test thread!

Homework: Crossword Cap IV

It occurs to me that I never uploaded the crossword puzzle for Capitulum IV!! So, I will push the due date back to our next class meeting, 11/30.

If you get the crossword done by tomorrow, however, I will reward you by giving you two 100% homework grades for this assignment! That’s 100% for completing it and an extra 100% for turning it in tomorrow but your crossword has to be complete!

TEST: Capitulum IV Tomorrow!!

Notate bene discipuli discipulaeque!

Tomorrow we are having our test on Capitulum IV. It is based on Pensum A – so study over that exercise and make sure you understand any mistakes you may have made. This chapter focuses on the Vocative case, the use of the Imperative and Indicative moods for verbs. Make sure you know those concepts! Bonam fortunam!