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Midterm Next Week!

It’s that time of year again – the end of the 2nd quarter and also the end of the 1st semester!

Your midterm will be next week (1st period is on 1/14 from 8:10-10:10; 2nd period is on 1/15 from 8:10-10:10)! So get studying now!

The format is 50 questions, all multiple choice. The questions are all derived from the various exercitia that we have been working on in our workbooks from Capitululm I up to Capitulum V. I will detail which exercitia specifically in our group forum in the Amicita – so join us there to help study for your upcoming exam!

Bonam fortunam!

Homework: Review Quizlet Capitulum II by 3/9

For homework, I want you all to review the flash cards for Capitulum II in our group on Quizlet.com. Make sure that you use the “Learn” feature to get credit for the assignment. Once you are done reviewing, just check and make sure the system updated by saying that you completed the “Learn” mode (next to the flash cards).

If you signed up using some cryptic and confusing name, make sure you email me when you are done so I can give you credit otherwise I won’t know if you did the exercise.

Test Capitulum II Moved; Retakes Quiz Cap II Tomorrow

The test for Capitulum II is moved to next week. Although the class performance on this past quiz is not exactly where I wanted it, there was massive improvement. So, I think it is better to not test everyone on something they are not quite prepared for just yet.

That said, if you want to retake the Quiz for Capitulum II we worked on yesterday, make your corrections and submit to me tomorrow. We’ll do our retakes at the end of class.