EXTENSION Cap VI Comprehension Questions for 2nd Period due 2/7

Since only three of you posted responses, I will give you all a second chance to get your homework done.

You have until class time on 2/7 to post your comprehension question responses. Remember to include the number of the question in your response. Also your grade is determined by the total responses against the total number of questions – so you will want everyone in your class to complete ALL of the questions!

Homework Capitulum VI Reading Comprehension Questions

Remember, your reading comprehension questions for Capitulum VI are due next time we meet in class. Make sure you answer online in our discussion group on the Amicitia – and make sure you post your response in the correct forum (there is a place for 1st period and 2nd period).

Also, just to change things up, I am going to be grading this assignment collectively, meaning that your grade will be determined by how your class responds to the assignment. In other words, if all of the questions are answered, then everyone in class gets 100%. If only 12 of the 24 questions are answered, then you get a 50%.

Homework Capitulum V Crossword due 1/30

For homework, make sure you complete the PRINTABLE version of the crossword puzzle for Capitulum V, due Wednesday 1/30.

Remember, there are two versions – the first listed there is the version that you can complete online (to check your work – NOT to cheat!) while the second version says PRINTABLE next to it so you can print that one off, fill it out, and return to class for homework credit.

Head on over to the Class Assessments > Crosswords page to grab your copy now! An EXCELLENT way to practice your vocabulary!