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Make Up Assignments due 5/21

If I gave you a printout report of your grade, you must turn in any of the missing work by 5/21 to receive partial credit. You also need to include the printout I gave you, signed by a parent/guardian. Everything is due on 5/21 – no exceptions.

Any makeup quizzes can be done after school provided you have corrections to turn in for that quiz.

For tests, you should do the extra credit assignment, but note that you have another test coming up on May 23 (Cap X, Pensum A).

Deadline for Late Work 3/25

If you have any missing assignments that you want to turn in for partial credit, the deadline is this Friday 3/25.

If you want to turn any work in, it will be given no more than partial credit (60%) and must be properly labeled (list the name of the assignment and, of course, YOUR name).

All missing assignments are subject to my approval.

Carmina Diei Christi – Some Traditional Xmas Carols in Latin

Here are some Camina Diei Christi which we sung in class. If you want, work on memorizing one of them and we could sing some carols at school this week!

Jingle Bells

No-lu-lae, no-lu-lae

No-lae u-bi-que,

O quan-tum est gau-di-um

In tra-ha per ve-hi;

No-lu-lae, no-lu-lae,

No-lae u-bi-que,

O-quan-tum est gau-di-um

In tra-ha per ve-hi!

Deck the Halls

Au-lam ser-tis a-dor-na-te,


O-pus est hi-la-ri-ta-te


Cla-ras in-du-a-mur ves-tes,


Chris-ti gau-de-a-tur fes-tis,


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Re-no e-rat Ru-dol-phus

Na-sum ru-brum ha-be-bat

Si quan-do hunc vi-de-bas,

Hunc cau-de-re tu di-cas.

Om-nes re-ne-res al-i-i

Sem-per hunc de-ri-de-bant

Cum mi-se-ro Ru-dol-pho

In lu-dos non lu-de-bant.

Sanc-tus Ni-cho-las dix-it

Noc-te ne-bu-lae;

“Ru-dol-phe, na-so cla-ro

Non-ne ca-rum tu du-ces?”

Tum re-ne-res cla-ma-bant,

“Ru-dol-phe, de-lec-tus es;

Cum na-so ru-bro cla-ro

His-to-ri-a des-cu-des.”