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Make Up Assignments due 5/21

If I gave you a printout report of your grade, you must turn in any of the missing work by 5/21 to receive partial credit. You also need to include the printout I gave you, signed by a parent/guardian. Everything is due on 5/21 – no exceptions.

Any makeup quizzes can be done after school provided you have corrections to turn in for that quiz.

For tests, you should do the extra credit assignment, but note that you have another test coming up on May 23 (Cap X, Pensum A).

EXTRA CREDIT: Write a Report on Someone Famous Who Studied Latin (due 5/21)

If you want to earn extra credit and help your 4th quarter grade, now is your chance!

What I am looking for is a report on either a celebrity, historical figure, or superhero/villain that studied Latin. The report is due by 5/21 and must contain the following:

  • Must be typed
  • Must be at least one page
  • Must have biographical/background information of your figure
  • Must have a link to the study of Latin (your figure should have studied Latin, tell us where, how, why, etc.)

Have fun with this report! You must turn it in on 5/21 – no exceptions! Bona fortuna vobis!

Saturnalia Party 12/21!

Just a reminder that we are going to be having our Saturnalia party on Friday, 12/21!

Make sure to bring drinks and food to share with everyone as we commemorate the golden age of Saturn! You should also bring your “Santa” hats – as by now you’ve learned their true meaning!

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a gift to auction! Make sure you wrap it up and don’t tell anyone what you are bringing! We are going to auction these gifts off at our party in class and you will be using the pecunia you acquired after testing your luck in class with card games and pig knuckle!

See you all then!

Join JCL @ Somerset! Recruitment Meeting Sept 20th

Are you interested in the ancient world? Do you like learning about ancient Greece and Rome? Do you like mythology and philosophy? Well, the Junior Classical League at Somerset Academy is having their open recruitment meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20th after school in Ricard’s room, 319! So come on by and join us!

Find out more at our website!