Flashcards Added For Aeneid

Don’t worry about compiling the flashcards for the Aeneid. We hunted down and found some sets of flashcards to add to our group so that you can study them. Start looking them over each day to help you prepare for your upcoming exam on May 9th!

Also there are key vocabulary words for Caesar’s De Bello Gallico – don’t neglect those either as you will surely need to be able to translate passages from Caesar’s text as well.

UPDATE: Complete Translations of CH 22 and 23, Wrap Up Caesar

We are about to complete Caesar’s Gallic Wars and will do so next class (CH 22-23, or Book VI.14-18). Have your translations ready. We are going to be leaving the world of Caesar and entering the epic world of Vergil’s Aenead.

Make sure you are regularly reviewing the vocabulary from De Bello Gallico. We are now going to look at poetry, as opposed to prose, and will need to examine the nature of poetry as a literary device.

Complete Chapter 1, Prep Chapter 2

Make sure that you have completed your multiple choice work for Chapter 1 and that you have the prep questions for Chapter 2 completed by our next class on 9/28.

You should also have a translation ready of all of the text for Book 1.2-3. We are going to move through these books much more quickly so we can have enough room for Vergil at the end of the year.

Homework 9/10

Make sure you have prepared a translation of Book 1 Chapters 1-3 for class on Wednesday 9/12. You should go through line by line and look up any words that may not be familiar to you and work those into your translation.

Also, make sure you create a map of Gaul, using the temporary textbook, to help orient you on the geography of the tribes and their relation to one another. It can just be a rough draft in pencil is fine, but why not decorate it with color?!!