Docs for Key Figures and Other Grammatical Points of Interest for the Aenead

In order to help you guys study, and build up your background information on the Aenead, I am going to start a few Docs in our group on Amicitia to aid you. There will be a doc for the following topics:

  • Key Figures from the Aenead and Mythology
  • Versification
  • Figures of Syntax and Rhetoric

Don’t neglect these docs. I expect that you will contribute also and, while you are in class, if you have a note to contribute go right ahead and do so! The more you contribute, the more you will know!

Homework: Aenead Background Collaboration (due 3/1)

For tonight’s homework, I want you all to do a little preliminary research on who Vergil was and what this poem the Aenead was all about. To do that, I want you all to collaborate on a doc in our discussion group on Amicitia – just edit the areas with the information you want to contribute. To do that, just head on over to the doc by following this link. Looking forward to what you are writing!

UPDATE: Complete Translations of CH 22 and 23, Wrap Up Caesar

We are about to complete Caesar’s Gallic Wars and will do so next class (CH 22-23, or Book VI.14-18). Have your translations ready. We are going to be leaving the world of Caesar and entering the epic world of Vergil’s Aenead.

Make sure you are regularly reviewing the vocabulary from De Bello Gallico. We are now going to look at poetry, as opposed to prose, and will need to examine the nature of poetry as a literary device.