Homework: Book 1 Practice (due 5/6)

This assignment is all online. I want you guys to complete only the following assignments when you click on the link:

  • A
  • C
  • E
  • F, G, and H
  • R
  • S

I will need proof that you completed each of those assignments. So, you can either print out your work, or copy it down onto paper and turn it in. As for assignment R, you can email that to me (jricard at romae.org).

Vergil Checklist for Aeneid; Upcoming Assignments

Here is a breakdown of where you guys should be at this point. Each one of the following sections should have a translation prepared for it:

  • Lesson 1: Book 1.1-33
  • Lesson 2: Book 1.34-80
  • Lesson 7: Book 1.494-538
  • Lesson 11: Book 2.268-297
  • Lesson 13: Book 4.160-218
  • Lesson 14: Book 4.259-299
  • Lesson 15: Book 4.300-361
  • Lesson 16: Book 4.659-705
  • Lesson 17: Book 6.295-332
  • Lesson 19: Book 6.450-476

Here is a breakdown of upcoming assignments – note the DUE DATES:

  • HW: Abney’s Book One Practice (due 5/6) – this is due for HW.
  • TEST: Book 1 (5/6) – will be a mix of translations and grammar.
  • HW: Abney’s Book Four Practice (due 5/8) – same things as the Book 1 practice.
  • TEST: Book 4 (5/8) – will be a mix of translation and grammar
  • PROJECT: Analysis of TEST – this project I want you all to work on AFTER you take the exam. I want you all to assess your strengths and weaknesses and give me some feedback on where we need to fix things for next year. I also want you to share your insight with Latin III later on.

Docs for Key Figures and Other Grammatical Points of Interest for the Aenead

In order to help you guys study, and build up your background information on the Aenead, I am going to start a few Docs in our group on Amicitia to aid you. There will be a doc for the following topics:

  • Key Figures from the Aenead and Mythology
  • Versification
  • Figures of Syntax and Rhetoric

Don’t neglect these docs. I expect that you will contribute also and, while you are in class, if you have a note to contribute go right ahead and do so! The more you contribute, the more you will know!

Homework: Aenead Background Collaboration (due 3/1)

For tonight’s homework, I want you all to do a little preliminary research on who Vergil was and what this poem the Aenead was all about. To do that, I want you all to collaborate on a doc in our discussion group on Amicitia – just edit the areas with the information you want to contribute. To do that, just head on over to the doc by following this link. Looking forward to what you are writing!

Updated Pacing Guide for the Rest of the Year 2013

Here is an updated pacing guide for the rest of our readings for the remainder of the year in AP Latin.

We won’t have time to completely read all of the Latin selections from Vergil’s Aenead so we will have to skip around. Also, we are going to be having regular “tests” every other class and short analysis questions for homework. There will be occasional quizzes given on grammatical points but those we will get to once we review the appropriate forms.

Get your copy now!

Pacing Guide_AP Latin_2012-2013_UPDATED