Interesting First Day

So, we launched our Minecraft Romae server and most everyone has checked in thus far. It is interesting to note how things are working. We started by locating an NPC (non player character) camp and we basically took it over. Kind of like the Romans would have?

We quickly adapted their structures to our needs and then, as we set about acquiring our own resources, we started to specialize and give everyone specific tasks. We then created structures for housing supplies and items for each craft. We formed a cooperative with everyone working together to get supplies for the group. We also then started to terra-form our new camp into a Roman castra – sort of.

Currently we are farming and domesticating animals and will start charting out a place to put our site for ancient Rome. Stay tuned!

Launching Server Friday 3/2

We are going to be launching our server on Friday and get our project underway.

We are forming a team now, comprised of Latin I, Latin II, and even Latin Beginning students here at Somerset Academy. The scope of the project is ambitious in that we are going to be trying to recreate, as accurately as possible, structures that were found within ancient Rome.

There may be some changes along the way. We may proceed by trying to recreate Rome as it appeared during a specific period, like the 1st century AD. One things is for certain, there will be a lot of research done with the students and there will be some interesting solutions to challenges along the way. Stay tuned to our blog to see what transpires!