About Magister Ricard

John has been teaching Latin at the secondary level since 2007. Starting the Latin program at Somerset Academy in 2009, he has now moved on to another home founding the Latin program at the Pine Crest School. He has taught all levels of Latin from Middle School courses to AP Latin using a wide-range of approaches. John also is the Social Sciences and Humanities Department Chair at Pine Crest and currently teaches AP Art History and has served as a reader for 3 years now. He also has taught AP European History and AP World History, among many other social sciences courses. He is also the founder of Romae.org, RicardAcademy.info, and AFireKindled.com.

Special Recognition Reward Ribbons

The National Committee for Latin and Greek will offer special recognition reward ribbons to students in participating Classics Clubs who complete 6 of the 8 challenges over the course of the upcoming year. We would like to thank the National Committee for Latin and Greek for their generosity and support!

To learn more, teachers should consult their packets.