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John has been teaching Latin at the secondary level since 2007. He founded the Latin program at Somerset Academy in 2009 and at Pine Crest in 2015. He has built and taught courses ranging from middle school Latin to upper school/high school Latin and at all levels, including AP Latin.

John also teaches AP Art History, AP European History, and AP World History and is an AP reader for AP Art History. He is also the founder of Romae.org, RicardAcademy.info, and AFireKindled.com.

ACL LXVI Memphis: Fluency in Geek Presentation Now Available!

In case you missed our presentation yesterday, “Fluency in Geek: Growing Classics Programs Through Technology“, we’ve got you covered! You can review the whole presentation (minus the candy and prizes!) on your own and get immersed in the technology resources we were focusing on. Go “Geek” in your class this year! Remember, the idea is […]

Sharing Links Via TechACL.com: Find Resources Presented at ACL LXVI Memphis

Today at our presentation, “Fluency in Geek: Growing Classical Studies Programs Through Technology” we went over many different resources for various experience levels. We put up links to these resources if you look along the right hand side, along the sidebar, classified according to the 5 C’s of Educational Technology which I outlined today. We have categorized […]

ACL LXVI Memphis: Debra Schneider Using Technology to Teach From Home

Debra Schneider, aka Magistra Schneider, put together an excellent presentation that opened a door on her world as a teacher this year and the difficult obstacles she had to overcome in favor of her passion for teaching Latin. I first met Debra back in 2011 on the Rome In Situ program. She has a quite […]

ACL Tech Committee Offering Two Workshops at ACL Institute LXVI in Memphis

The American Classical League’s Technology Committee will be well-represented at the LXVI Institute, this year being held at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. Two workshops that will highlight the use of technology in the classical classroom will be offered by various members of the committee. In the morning session on Friday, June 28th, John […]

Share Your Ideas on Amicitia

Just a reminded that not only can you read up on the latest trends here on our blog for the American Classical League’s Technology Committee, but you can also share your ideas with us in a more interactive format. If you click on the “Forum” button on the menu above, you will be redirected to […]

Preceden Allows Students to Create Their Own Timelines

As any teacher of history knows, keeping all of those dates straight can be quite troubling. Students often get names, dates, and cultures confused. When did the Roman Republic end? When was the imperial period? Who was consul in which year? When was the Battle of Zama fought? It’s a jungle and students can loose their […]

Get Greater Recall With Latin Vocabulary Using Web-based Flash Cards

One of the challenges students are faced with in the study of Latin is, of course, the acquisition of vocabulary. After the initial shock of the complexity of the Latin grammatical system wears off, and students are finally used to the idea of morphology, how can we efficiently teach students to acquire vocabulary? There are many […]

ACL Technology Committee Now on Facebook!

We’re on a roll! First got the Twitter account working, now we also opened up a page on Facebook! This way it is easier to get the updates and information we are rolling out here on the site. Why not “like” us right now and join our Facebook page? After all, what kind of a […]

Twitter Account for American Classical League Technology Committee is Now LIVE!

Just letting everyone know, our Twitter account is up and ready for action! I mean, what kind of a technology committee wouldn’t have a Twitter account? That’s right, not a very good one. So why not give us a follow? We will be sorting through the technology jungle to find solutions for you that make […]