Sharing Links Via Find Resources Presented at ACL LXVI Memphis

Today at our presentation, “Fluency in Geek: Growing Classical Studies Programs Through Technology” we went over many different resources for various experience levels. We put up links to these resources if you look along the right hand side, along the sidebar, classified according to the 5 C’s of Educational Technology which I outlined today.

We have categorized these resources according to the function or purpose they perform for your class – do they collect content? Do they help you create with the content from your course? Do they curate content? Do they allow for collaboration with content from your course? Do they help communicate with one another in your learning community?

So feel free to poke around and explore the various resources we outlined here on

We are going to be spending quite a bit of time going forward reviewing various resources, apps, and technologies – so look for our reviews soon. We feel it is important to help everyone discover the best resources out there and to have them “battle-tested” in the field and see if these resources even live up to their claims. We want to see if they are user friendly and truly make life easier through technology, not just another way to throw technology around for tech’s sake.

Stay tuned also for a wrap up of our presentation today as we will be posting the presentation for your reference as well as having an open forum for discussion on the Amicitia social network here on Romae.

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John also is the Social Sciences and Humanities Department Chair at Pine Crest and currently teaches AP Art History and has served as a reader for 3 years now. He also has taught AP European History and AP World History, among many other social sciences courses. He is also the founder of,, and