ACL LXVI Memphis: Fluency in Geek Presentation Now Available!

In case you missed our presentation yesterday, “Fluency in Geek: Growing Classics Programs Through Technology“, we’ve got you covered! You can review the whole presentation (minus the candy and prizes!) on your own and get immersed in the technology resources we were focusing on. Go “Geek” in your class this year!

Remember, the idea is to find ONE solution to implement and master. You may be tempted to try a whole bunch, and we certainly wouldn’t stop you, but if you are only starting to wade into the technology pool, we suggest that you find one solution and use that this year.

Another point to keep in mind is, what is the end purpose of the use of your technological solution? To help you with that, we directed everyone to think using the framework of the 5 C’s of Educational Technology. Does your solution help you collect, create, curate, collaborate, or communicate the content of your course?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post your thoughts on the Amicitia in our ongoing discussion thread!

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John has been teaching Latin at the secondary level since 2007. He founded the Latin program at Somerset Academy in 2009 and at Pine Crest in 2015. He has built and taught courses ranging from middle school Latin to upper school/high school Latin and at all levels, including AP Latin.

John also teaches AP Art History, AP European History, and AP World History and is an AP reader for AP Art History. He is also the founder of,, and


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