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Latin Has a Bright Future If It Can Reform

One of the things I am taking home from the NCEA here in Pittsburgh is that Latin has a very viable and promising future - but it needs strong support and reform. That is nothing new. You teach Latin long enough and you get it. In my particular case, I have seen two Latin programs that I have built taken from me by my administration. It gives you a case of the, "is-it-just-me's?" Financial reasons … Read More

NCEA 2014: Building a Latin Program Across the Curriculum Using Technology

Tomorrow we will be presenting on how to start a Latin program and also what kinds of technology tools you can use to build up your program. Latin is in desperate need of reformation and the incorporation of technology will help invigorate your program no matter how far along it is. Zee Ann Poerio (@magistrazee) will be focusing on the technologies she uses in her classes to help get her students … Read More

NCEA 2014: Creating a Latin Program

As I sat in a chair being interviewed, pushed there shortly after finding out my position as a Latin teacher was going extinct, I simply started talking about my passion for teaching Latin. It turned out, someone else listened and had the ability to do something about it. A chance encounter with a principal afforded me the opportunity to continue teaching and more proof … Read More

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